Notes from “Emerging Technologies in Online Learning” #fsi2015

Notes from the “Emerging Technologies in Online Learning”, presented by Carrie Levin, Emily Boles, Michele Gribbins, and John Freml, University of Illinois Springfield at the 2015 Faculty Summer Institute

More resources for how to use these for educational purposes posted at

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Emily recommends using the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, because it is more active

Sample cameras & devices

V 360 camera

V.360 camera for taking 360 degree photos and videos ($450)

Ricoh Theta

Ricoh Theta, for capturing spherical (360 degree) videos ($300)

Or, try Google Photosphere on iOS, Google Camera app for Android devices, to take 360 degree photos


Swivl, easy capture of lecture video using a smartphone or iPad (or any camera, really). It Swivls to follow the presenter by focusing on a remote held by the presenter ($500+)

Other fun tools

gesture control with Leap Motion

Gesture control for controlling software on Mac or PC – specific apps available ($99)

Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop drone – great for getting perspectives you wouldn’t have otherwise ($500)


3Doodler – hand draw with plastic, like 3D printing ($99)


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