Notes from edcast Knowledge Cloud #slate14

Notes from “edcast Knowledge Cloud – Building New Revenue & Engagement Models” presented at the 2014 SLATE Conference by Karl Mehta from edcast.

Building for Personal Learning

  • Designed for social (community has to be designed)
  • Plan content mobile first, rather than adapting traditional content & strategies
  • Build bite-size learning (snackable learning) rather than full meals, for students to engage with on the go and wherever/whenever they can
  • Use team-based learning pedagogy, to capture the power of teams and collaboration


  • Cloud middleware for your existing LMS
  • Provides cloud, mobile, social layer to the LMS
  • Knowledge Cloud (E-KC) works with Bb, Moodle, Sakai, Canvas, D2L
  • Can be public or private cloud-based content
  • Built on LTI, API, and Zipped XML export
  • Creates a mobile PLN
  • Global eCommerce system to sell the course to students from around the world, for whatever price you set

Selected Partners (typed quickly from a slide, there were many more on the slide):

  • Open edX
  • Educause
  • Lund University
  • Columbia University
  • Michigan State University
  • salesforce
  • Eduonix
  • wcet
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Universidad de los Andes

Observations from his live demo

  • Native app for iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Content presented like familiar social networks, including likes, comments, bookmarking, and sharing features (share to other social networks
  • Quickly move from one piece of content to another by swiping right to like or left to dismiss without liking
  • AI running in background to capture your gestures and decisions to build a profile for you, deliver content relevant to your context and preferences
  • Circles: collections of courses?
  • Multiple sources of content:
    • Instructor
    • Peers – content from other students
    • Back-end AI finds and shared validated content automatically (based on data-sources approved by instructors, like TED)
      • Delivers highly relevant content from across the Internet
      • Reliability index goes up with additional likes from students
      • Can also be set to only be visible to instructor until approved
  • Login uses existing social graph (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    • Provides data for AI to select more relevant content
    • Builds connections in edcast from those who are already in your network

Advancing Learning & Collaboration with Scale

Knowledge Cloud

  • Next generation ecosystem based cloud platform (multi-LMS, SIS, etc)
  • Multiversity collaboration
    • Allows multiple universities to collaborate despite being on different LMSs
  • Powerful social collaboration & monetization tools
  • Designed to engage

Personal Learning Network

  • Learner-centric
  • Mobile first
  • Bite-size learning
  • AI driven personalization technology
  • EdCasting: A two-way broadcast for educators

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