Modernizing Faculty Development for Online Learning Programs #fsi2014 (Notes)

These are my notes from the session “Modernizing Faculty Development for Online Learning Programs” at FSI 2014, presented by Carrie Levin, Emily Boles, and Michele Gribbins from UIS.

Background at UIS

  • Have offered courses online since 1998, including full programs, taught by the same faculty as f2f programs
  • Faculty are supported by COLRS (Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service)
  • In 2012-2013, 43% of credit hours were online and 758% of students took at least one online course (39.5% took only online courses)
  • Provided support & workshops but found they had concerns:
    • Few faculty attend workshops
    • Faculty weren’t aware of support services
    • Faculty were overwhelmed with teaching responsibilities
    • Faculty saw them as Blackboard help desk rather than pedagogy
    • Faculty creating their own courses didn’t follow good course design
  • Wanted to reconsider their support to increase participation

Preparing to Teach Online

  • 3 courses & certificate program for online teaching
  • Recognizing innovation in online teaching
  • Self-Paced modules
  • Virtual badge for completion
  • Required module for all faculty (2 hours)
    • Covers effective practice for online teaching, strategies for increasing student evaluation rates, tips for documenting online teaching performance & improvement, and tactics for managing workload
  • Faculty self-assessment
    • Online teaching readiness self-assessment
    • Survey to put them in PTO I or PTO II
    • Based on Penn State Online readiness survey
    • Taken as a test in Bb (Likert scale items)
    • New faculty have mandatory meeting with COLRS staff
    • Allows experienced faculty to move to phase II instead of taking phase I
  • Course I
    • 8-10 hours
    • Focuses on basic strategies for communication & presence, assessment & evaluation, pedagogy, and technology
  • Course II
    • 8-10 hours
    • Advanced strategies for same areas as course I
  • Developing an ePortfolio throughout
  • Completion gets a digital badge, custom course banners provided to faculty, and letter sent to provost

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