Learning Analytics and Knowledge #LAK13

I am participating in Canvas Network’s Learning Analytics and Knowledge MOOC (#LAK13). The course is delivered via Canvas Network and seems like it will be quite valuable.

The objectives for the course are
1. Describe learning analytics and how it differs from related concepts such as educational datamining and academic analytics.
2. Analyze, plan, and deploy a small learning analytics pilot, including the intent of LA and tools needed to address analytics goals.
3. Develop a matrix of prominent learning analytics tools and the particular analytics strategies each tool addresses.
4. Evaluate current state of learning analytics technologies and describe the benefits and drawbacks to open source and proprietary tool sets.
5. Evaluate and describe the role of semantic web and linked data in next generation educational content.
6. Conduct basic analytics activities (such as importing and visualizing data) through in open source tools (R) and commercial tools (Tableau Software).

I’m most interested in 1, 2, and 6, since we aren’t employing learning analytics at my institution currently. It’s an important topic to our administration, though, so it is bound to come up at some point. Much better to be prepared by participating in this course!


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