Types of Fun

Ilist of the types of funn addition to the formal courses I am taking for credit, I am also taking the free Coursera course on Gamification. It has been fascinating, and is probably the best example I have seen yet for a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course). I particularly wanted to capture Professor Werbach’s list of the types of fun, which you can see in the screenshot. The trickiest aspect of the list is the difference between winning, recognition, and triumphing.

Winning is accomplishing the goals of the game. Recognition is receiving praise for performance in the game. Triumphing is beating another person. Recognition and Triumphing may or may not include winning.

There are other models for the types of fun. Nicole Lazzaro’s 4 keys of fun (which you can read about at are

  1. Easy Fun
  2. Hard Fun
  3. People Fun
  4. Serious Fun

Marc Leblanc has 8 kinds of fun:

  1. Sensation
  2. Fantasy
  3. Narrative
  4. Challenge
  5. Fellowship
  6. Discovery
  7. Expression
  8. Submission

I am surprised to see that there are so many different types of fun. It seems like there are many ways to leverage fun in the classroom, then, that do not actually use games.


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